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Guidelines for luxury properties are the following:
-1 bedroom, min $900 (all 50 states, EXCEPT CA, NJ, NY)
-1 bedroom min CA is $2200 or higher
-1 bedroom min NJ is $2200 or higher
-1 bedroom/studio min NY is $3000 or higher

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Authorization: Applicant authorizes ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. and ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc.'s Agent, at any time before, during, or after any tenancy, to: (1) obtain a copy of Applicant's social security number; (not for decisioning purposes, only for identity validation) (2) obtain a criminal background check related to Applicant and any occupant (for decisioning purposes); and (3) verify any rental or employment history or verify any other information related to this application with persons knowledgeable of such information. Notice to Continue to Show the Property: Unless Landlord and Applicant enter into a separate written agreement otherwise, the Property will remain available for other prospective guests to view andcontract to check in. Privacy Policy: Landlord's agent or property manager maintains a privacy policy that is available upon request. Acknowledgement & Representation: (1) Signing this application indicates that Applicant has had the opportunity to review Landlord's tenant selection criteria, which is available upon request. The tenant selection criteria may include factors such as criminal history, financial history check, current income and rental history. (2) Applicant understands that providing inaccurate or incomplete information is grounds for rejection of this application and forfeiture of any application fee and may be grounds to declare Applicant in breach of any lease the Applicant may sign. (3) Applicant represents that the statements in this application are true and complete. (4) You the Applicant understand ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. guarantees approval only and ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. is not liable for paying your application fees, administrative fees or deposits to the property. You will be responsible for paying these fees directly to the property management company, landlord or owner. The fees by charged by the owner, property management company or landlord are at their sole discretion. By using this service, you will be responsible for these fees to the party named as the property owner, landlord or management company. This service does not waive your rights to pay any of these required fees how much ever they may be. in some cases you will receive an opportunity for waived or no fees. This however is not guaranteed or within our control and subject to the policies by the owner, property manager or landlord. ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. earns their 'Rental Acquisition Fee' as payable and due upon your application approval with ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. and for the property you requested. (5) ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. agrees to provide an approval only to the property of your choice. If an additional deposit is required by the property in some cases, ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. would be earned their service fee for approval, also known as the "application or enrollment fee", and subsequently and other fees ForRentNoCreditCheck Inc. charges, also known as the "RA (Rental Acquisition) fee".
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